Introducing The Flip

My name is Justin Norman — I’m the producer and host of a new editorial-style podcast called The Flip. I’m also an American expat, who’s lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for the past two years.

In my pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors on the continent, I learned very quickly that my “western” upbringing and experience left me not knowing much about operating in South Africa and beyond. My entrepreneurial education, aided and abetted by Silicon Valley-style thought leadership, was not contextually relevant for this market, its nuances or its complexities.

I needed a new frame of reference, which led me to conversations with practitioners across the continent, and those conversations turned into a podcast — The Flip.

The name The Flip comes from the opportunity to flip the script — to question some of the pervasive narratives on entrepreneurship and champion the entrepreneurs building a future inspired by Africa.

You can join the journey by subscribing to our newsletter and following along on social media. Prior to the show’s launch, we’ll be sharing daily bite-sized insights from entrepreneurs and investors around the continent.

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